Fotodiox M42 Adapter

Fotodiox M42 to Nikon Adapter with Infinity Focus – Simply The Best

Features: Easy on/off, infinity focus, auto-aperture support, well made, inexpensive. This is simply the best M42 adapter currently available. If you are looking to use M42 (aka Praktica or Pentax) screw mount lenses on Nikon D-SLRs, read on…

This is the correct adapter to buy if you are looking to mount traditional M42 (42mm x 1mm screw mount) lenses on Nikon D-SLR camera bodies. Having tried a variety of other adapters – in vain – I’ve found that this adapter addresses all of the issues one may encounter. It has a removable (for macro photography) rear lens element that addresses the infinity focus problem. This refers to the blurry (out of focus) images produced by mounting a lens designed for a thin body traditional (film) SLR on a wider body D-SLR. In addition, the adapter’s lens element is set far enough back to allow the M42 lens barrel to fully retract without hitting the adapter body (on some other adapters the adapter frame is too shallow which prevents full infinity focusing). The adapter’s F mount ring fits cleanly on the D-SLR body and properly aligns the center of the lens’ aperture ring (and DOF scale) with the camera. Other brands misalign the aperture ring – often it ends up on the side or bottom of the lens, making it difficult to use. Also different from other M42 adapters – the portion of the Fotodiox adapter body (the adapter ring) that sits above the camera’s F mount is sufficiently deep – and ridged – to allow easy mounting and removal. Lastly, the adapter ring has an interior ridge. This too is unusual and important – it depresses the auto-aperture pin on the lens. On lenses with an Auto / Manual slider switch one can get away with not having this ridge on the adapter but on the more common fully automatic aperture lenses (where the pin is normally depressed by a lever inside the M42 mount camera body) this ridge depresses the pin, switching the lens from auto to manual. Without this feature the lens will NOT stop down – rendering it useless. The Fotodiox comes with a Nikon F mount rear lens cap that fits snugly on the adapter lens element, protecting it from scratches and dust when not in use – and a lens bag to protect and contain the adapter, lens element and lens cap. I swear by this adapter. It can be had at

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