Boardwalk Empire

Long before Martin Scorsese took an interest in the Kreischer Mansion as a locale for the Boardwalk Empire pilot episode the structure was already famous. Around 1885, a Bavarian immigrant, wealthy bricklayer Balthasar Kreischer, built twin mansions — one each for two of his sons: Charles and Edward. Edward Kreischer shot himself in 1894, allegedly over problems with employees at the family’s brick factory. His mansion burnt down in the 1930s.
The surviving structure is alternately called the Kreischer Mansion and the Charles Kreischer House. It is located in the Charleston section of Staten Island (the area called Kreischerville prior to the Great War).
The Kreischer Mansion is reputed to be haunted by Edward’s wife – she never got over her husband’s suicide…

More recently, the FBI found a body on the grounds of the mansion – the victim of a murder. In 2009, Joseph Young, the mansion’s caretaker — and Bonanno crime family associate — was convicted of murder for luring Robert McKelvey to the deserted grounds in April 2005. Young stabbed, strangled and drowned McKelvey before cutting up the body and tossing the remains into the furnace. The ashes were hidden in the septic tank but were later recovered by the FBI. McKelvey, a mobster himself, had been killed for offending local Bonanno crew chief Gino Galestro. The FBI looked for additional bodies but found none.

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