Vivitar Lenses

An m42 (Praktica) mount Vivitar 28mm – made by Kiron
(Photo: Thomas Altfather Good / TAG Photography)

Users of 1970s era Vivitar lenses are usually aware that Vivitar did not manufacture their own lenses. has provided a list of the actual manufacturers as discerned by the first two digits of the lens serial number. Camera-wiki offers your basic CYA disclaimer so that none dare call the list gospel. Nonetheless, its utility is obvious. I regularly use a Vivitar wide angle (an M42 mount 28mm) that is prefixed with the number 22. The fact that this lens was made by Kino/Kiron explains why the optics are so impressive.

Vivitar Serial Number Prefix Codes
09 (or 9) Cosina Company, Ltd.
13 Schneider Kreuznach
22 Kino Precision
25 Ozone Optical Co., Ltd.
28 Komine
32 Makina Optical Co., Ltd
33 Asanuma & Co., Ltd
37 Tokina Optical Company, Ltd
42 Bauer
44 Perkin-Elmer
47 Chinon Industries, Inc.
51 Tokyo Trading
56 Kyoei Shoji Company, Ltd.
61 Samyang Optics Co., Ltd
75 Hoya Corporation
77 Kobori Mfg Co. Ltd
81 Polar

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