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Love Is Everywhere

A Nice Moment: early this morning I walked past CVS. A young guy, very tall and lanky, beginnings of a moustache – a schoolboy – was standing in front of the store looking confused. I said, “sorry man, they changed the hours, they don’t open til 8.” His reply: “Damn!” I crossed the parking lot, en route to Dunkin, stopping to photograph a sticker on a truck (it’s a neurosis). He walked up to me and said, “Excuse me but do you know where I can get a VISA gift card around here?” I told him that his was a pretty tall order but he could try the two delis on the next block. As he walked away I asked, “Valentine’s gift?” He nodded. I wished him well and smiled…15 minutes later I passed him again – he was buying roses at a flower stand in the parking lot of one of the delis I recommended, looking very anxious. A very touching scene. I stopped to tell the NYPD crossing guard the story. “See that young guy with the red sneakers…?” “Awww….”