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Clean Steve

Shot Of The Day: September 14, 2017

I called up Mark Ellen
But he wasn’t really in
Instead I talked to his wife Claire
About some gigs she’d seen

Clean Steve was outside the house
Watching both his feet
We all had dinner with him once
He gave us lots to eat

There’s some real people in the world
And some who are pretend
Clean Steve is making videos
With the man next door’s best friend

He’s good at playing frisbee
And his teeth are shining bright
I think he comes from Leatherhead
If all my facts are right

Clean Steve
Clean Steve
They don’t come any dirtier than me
Better watch out all you space cats
Clean Steve is a mineral man

— Robyn Hitchcock
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Backstory: I’m really much more of a Triumph person than a Harley enthusiast but when I saw this Harley 103 Softail I immediately thought of Clean Steve. He always kept his motor clean. Alas they don’t come any dirtier than me.

Locale: Stapleton

Equipment: LG G5


Robyn Hitchcock – Clean Steve:

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