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Thin Ice

Shot Of The Day: February 12, 2017

QOTD: You can be smart as hell
Know how to add
Know how to figure things
On yellow pads
Answer so no one knows
What you just said
But when you’re all alone
You and your head…
You’ve got angst in your pants

— Sparks
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Backstory: Pigeons overhead make me nervous, they have ‘gotten’ me several times – it’s an occupational hazard for NYC street photographers. So I don’t much like them but I still photograph them. They are so New York, living on a shoestring, dancing on thin ice. Angst In My Pants…It’s just how we live… — TAG

Locale: On the waterfront, Clifton, Staten Island

Equipment: Nikon D5500 / Sigma 18~200mm f3.5-6.3 DC


Sparks – Angst In My Pants:

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