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Shot Of The Day: January 06, 2017

QOTD: In a world full of danger, to be a potentially seeable object is to be constantly exposed to danger. Self-consciousness, then, may be the apprehensive awareness of oneself as potentially exposed to danger by the simple fact of being visible to others. The obvious defence against such a danger is to make oneself invisible in one way or another.
— R.D. Laing
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Backstory: Laing’s theory is that madness occurs when the ‘schizoid’ (ordinary, alienated) person, i.e., the person who hides their authentic ‘Real Self’ and presents a ‘False Self’ to the world, begins to disintegrate and becomes ‘psychotic’. As a result of feeling increasingly isolated and volatile the ‘psychotic’ person descends into and is ultimately lost in phantasy. The madness experienced by the psychotic is seen by Laing as an attempt to avoid being flattened into a ‘one-dimensional man’, thus losing the inner or real self. The plight of the flattened, one-dimensional, person is the subject matter of the Frankfurt School inspired punk band Gang Of Four’s famous lyric ‘At home he feels likes a tourist.’ The psychotic’s plight is equally unfortunate – according to Laing this person is objectified and reified as a disease process. Laing advanced the argument that the flattened, ultra violent society described by Marcuse in One-Dimensional Man is at least as mad as the individual who falls prey to phantasy in an attempt to escape it. He cites the number of people killed in war and the acquisition of nuclear weapons as evidence of the societal madness. — TAG

Locale: Silver Lake Park, Staten Island

Equipment: Nikon AW120


Herbert Marcuse’s One-Dimensional Man, video by Thomas Altfather Good:

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