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Tom Hayden, Presente!

Tom Hayden (with Mark Rudd)
Thomas Emmet “Tom” Hayden – December 11, 1939 – October 23, 2016 (Left, pictured with fellow activist Mark Rudd).
I first heard Tom Hayden speak in 1974 at a protest at Kent State, held four years after the shootings. He was impressive. Years later, when I was involved with new SDS and worked as the editor of Next Left Notes I met Tom many times. He once quipped (to Mark Rudd when Mark asked him if he knew me): “We see each other once a year in book stores.” This shot seems a fitting tribute.
In 2007 Tom was in NYC to promote his latest book. Mark grabbed him so I could snap this impromptu portrait. It’s one of my favourite shots of both of these guys – two Movement stalwarts. RIP Tom Hayden, Presente!
Photo reuse permitted, attribution required: “Thomas Altfather Good”