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“System Change, Not Climate Change”

“System Change, Not Climate Change”
(Protest NYC, September 21, 2014)
by Thomas Altfather Good

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The Labor Contingent’s House Band

Larry Goldbetter, president of the National Writers Union (NWU – UAW Local 1981),
being interviewed by NY1

New York State Nurses Association (NYSNA) Contingent

A young UAW supporter – with his dad

Chris Shelton, vice president, Communication Workers of America (CWA), District 1

Judy Sheridan-Gonzalez, RN, president of the New York State Nurses Association

Hector Figueroa, president, SEIU 32BJ

A Teamster (DSNY worker) – and his son

Transit Workers Union (TWU), Local 100 Surface Vice President JP Patafio

The UAW Contingent – on the move

As the affluence of society depends increasingly on the uninterrupted production and consumption of waste, gadgets, planned obsolescence, and means of destruction, the individuals have to be adapted to these requirements in more than the traditional ways.

Mass democracy … not only permits the people (up to a point) to chose their own masters and to participate (up to a point) in the government which governs them — it also allows the masters to disappear behind the technological veil of the productive and destructive apparatus which they control, and it conceals the human (and material) costs of the benefits and comforts which it bestows upon those who collaborate. The people, efficiently manipulated and organized, are free; ignorance and impotence, introjected heteronomy is the price of their freedom.

[ … ]

As the production of wasteful and destructive goods is discontinued (a stage which would mean the end of capitalism in all its forms) — the somatic and mental mutilations inflicted on man by this production may be undone. In other words, the shaping of the environment, the transformation of nature, may be propelled by the liberated rather than the repressed Life Instincts, and aggression would be subjected to their demands.

— Herbert Marcuse (Eros And Civilization)

ISKCON adherents (colloquially: “Hare Krishnas”) dancing and chanting


Moms marching for the environment

“Vote the Environment!”

NYPD and marchers…

Children – the point of the exercise?

“Our Future, Our Choice”

Greed – the root cause of Climate Change

Students from UMaine

From Seattle to Central Park

Michiganders marching against fracking – in NYC

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