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The Spectre Of Man Without Memory

The established society seems to be apprehensive of the subversive contents of memory.
— Herbert Marcuse

The psychoanalytic liberation of memory explodes the rationality of the repressed individual. As cognition gives way to re-cognition, the forbidden images and impulses of childhood begin to tell the truth that reason denies.
— Herbert Marcuse

In the house of the hangman one should not speak of the noose, otherwise one might seem to harbor resentment.
— Theodor Adorno

Is this fight against history part of the fight against a dimension of the mind in which centrifugal faculties and forces might develop — faculties and forces that might hinder the total coordination of the individual with the society?
— Herbert Marcuse

Backstory: To produce the images I used a Nikon D40x, set to a long exposure (in manual mode), and an infrared remote. The images were shot in monochrome mode (Nikon’s “Shooting Menu,” “Optimize Image” .. monochrome option).

Equipment: Nikon D40x / Sigma 18~200mm f/3.5-6.3 / Nikon ML-L3


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